yasa akbulut

Hi, I'm Yasa.

I'm a software engineer based in Stockholm. I make music and silly stuff. I occasionally boost mildly entertaining things.

software engineering

I'm a software engineer at Mentimeter. I like code and architecture that is clear and communicates intent. I think a lot about building efficient teams that build efficient things.

In my spare time, I keep myself busy with functional programming and building stuff for the web.


I play the guitar and sing with my kick-ass rock band Case Deflection, be sure to follow us on Spotify!

I also make synth-y stuff with the OP-1 and the OP-Z. Check them out!

Since 2019, I participate in Jamuary every year, where I make a small tune every day during January. Afterwards, I release the ones I like the most: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024.

silly stuff

I like making silly things. I made an 80's-action-cop game on the fantasy console PICO-8. I made a word clock watchface for the pebble smartwatch, and later in Blender. I try to participate in inktober, even though I can't really draw.

Every once in a while I help out with making Drunkenfall happen. Check it out if you're ever in Stockholm, or watch it on twitch!