yasa akbulut

Hi, I'm Yasa!

I'm a Full-stack developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I enjoy making & breaking things. I particularly love building for the web.

Ask me about:


I have extensive experience with the Java ecosystem. From developing small modules, to architecting complex enterprise systems — I've done it all. SOAP/REST servers and clients, Web Applications, you name it.


Like most people, my relationship with JavaScript started with hate. But in the last few years, I got to know the good parts, and the hate quickly turned into love. JavaScript is currently my go-to language for most things.


I just love Python. It's my favourite language. Automating repetitive tasks? Image manipulation? Command-line tools? Python has me covered. Also, like reading a good book, or enjoying some poetry, coding in Python is a relaxing and beautiful experience for me.


I get excited by fast, clean and intuitive user interfaces. I aim to delight while keeping usability and accessibility a primary concern. I know Chrome's Developer Tools like the back of my hand.


Building efficient and scalable systems is my passion. I focus on coming up with the best design for the needs of the system at hand.


I'm a Classic SQL guy. I've used MySQL and Oracle in the past, however Postgres is my favorite RDBMS. I've also experimented with MongoDB and Redis.

I fiddled with:

Turkcell Academy

Senior Software Developer

Built Turkcell Academy, the leading e-learning platform in Turkey. It features various integrations to Turkcell.com.tr, as well as integrations to third-parties, such as content providers and payment systems. Performance, stability and SEO were the key concerns.

Mobile Sales Force Automation

Team Leader & Senior Software Developer

Led a team of 6 developers and built a MSFA system for a client. The team did an excellent job in fulfilling all the requirements in record time, in a very demanding and stressful environment. A feature-packed mobile web application, nearly as functional as its desktop counterpart, tailored to the client's specific needs.


personal project

Sat down and created tw333t.com with my buddies. It lets people compose tweets longer than 140 characters, by creating an image file containing the long tweet, which then is embedded into the tweet. Thus, followers can view the long tweet without leaving their twitter clients. Also, made the sources available at tweet-more.


personal project

Created cachebuster, a Chrome extension that appends a timestamp to the URL of each HTTP request, effectively bypassing any URL-based caches. Initially created for myself, it proved useful for everyone in my team later on.

Turkish Word Clock

personal project

Being a fan of both word clocks, and my pebble smartwatch, it was only a matter of time for me to create the Turkish Word Clock, both in JavaScript and C. See it in action. It's available on the Pebble App Store.

I like:

Playing Guitar
IntelliJ IDEA
Sublime Text
British Humour
Spring Framework
Hacker News
Kanto region